Subic bay dive
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Subic dive site of the month
Technical Information:
Type of Site
Depth Range 18 to 27 meters
Specialties Deep , Wreck
Current Generally calm
Length 384 feet
Rating ***
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Subic Bay Dive
      Olongapo and Subic Bay in the western portion of the island of Luzon of the Philippines provides a very unique dive and vacation experience.  As a scuba diving destination it provides an outstanding selection of wrecks to dive on. Historical wrecks such as the USS New York, an Armor Cruiser built before the Spanish American war, the Oryoku Maru, A luxury cruise ship converted to use in WWII by the Japanese to transport POW in hellish conditions, one of the infamous “Hell Ships‘, and the Seian Maru, a Japanese freighter sunk in the closing days of WWII. These three wrecks are within 500 meters of each other and as close to 300 meters from shore. In addition to these three dive sites, seven other ship wrecks are within Subic bay within reach of the recreational diver. Tech divers can add even more sites. While Subic Bay is known for her wrecks, the bay also has some nice reefs to dive.
-2 Nights at selected hotel
-2 Single Tank boat dives
-2 free T-shirts
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